Introducing our new Boy

SpotznStripz Ghetto SuperStar aka 'Star

HCM negative 2017/2016/2015/2014/2013/2012/2011

DOB 12/10/2009

Star has arrived all the way from Scotland.

He is a mature boy of 8 years of age.

He brings much needed new genetics to SilverInk along with his amazing health records and  HCM screenings

We are trilled to have this boy and look forward to seeing what he produces with our home bred Girls

A massive Thankyou to Jon Paterson, his former Owner, for not only sending Star to us but also his friendship, guidance and support!

 Grand Champion Silvercastle Silver Shadow

Aka 'Shadow

DOB 06/02/2013

                            Shadow Safely arrived to Australia, all the way from South Korea.

 He is a Striking 3 toned Silver Bengal with absolutely no Tarnish to his Coat, Paws or Face. 

A true Gem.

 Shadow is Homozygeous for Silver. Meaning he will only ever produce Silver offspring no matter what colour he is mated to.  A real assist to any silver program. He is our foundation boy and has set the tone for Silver Bengals produced her at SilverInk.


HCM Negative 2017/2016,2015,2014

PK Def- Negative

PKD- Negative

FiV- Negative

FeLV- Negative

PRA- Negative


Thankyou to Woo-chan Shin from Silvercastle Bengals for intrusting us with this absolutely Stunning boy.