Our Boys Main Area

Here at SilverInk our belief is that our cats should be housed in an environment similar to a household. 

Our Boys have the luxury of a fully enclosed, covered, tempreature controlled room.

We donot have our cats in exposed areas 24/7 to the elements and weather. If they choose to venture out into an open run/enclosure to lap up the morning or afternoon sun they can.

Our Girls are apart of our busy household and have never lived outside of our family home,(even when not kittening) they have access to sleep on beds and lounges at their will. They too  have access to an outdoor enclosure to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Our Kittens are raised in the similar manner as our girls. Our Kitten room is situated in the main living area of our home, they can see and hear the every day goings of our household

                                                   Our Boys Outside Enclosure/Run 

                                                                 Our Boys sleeping area

                                                       Our Girls Outside Enclosure/Run 


Kitten Room