Grand Champion SilverInk Kali

DOB 03/10/2016

HCM Negative 2017

2017 Show Kitten/Cat

With her Jet Black outlining, Silver Inner colouring to her rosettes 
on a crisp white background, Kali is a high quality Silver Bengal.
Kali has gorgeous golden eyes that compliment her type giving her a wild appearance. She will debut as a show kitten in February 2017 with the possibility of becoming a future breeder here at SilverInk


SilverInk Lilith 

aka 'Lily

DOB 23/07/2015

HCM Negative 2017/2016

Lily has an amazingly tight soft pelt.

She has retained her black expression with no tarnish to her coat. Her wild golden eyes and small head compliment her strong body structure. 


Champion Spotattack Silver Storm

 Aka 'Storm

DOB 21/11/2012

HCM Negative 2017,2016,2015,2014

Storm is our foundation girl.

With her sweet nature and expressive face she has been an extremely fundamental part of SilverInk.  

Up coming Queen 2019

SilverInk Trouble